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History of Student Newspapers

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L-P-O Junior College and IVCC

The IV LEADER, like the college itself, has a long, distinguished history. The earliest student newspaper at IVCCs predecessor, LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College, was founded in 1933, nine years after the first students entered L-P-O. The junior college shared facilities with LaSalle-Peru High School, and occasionally student newspapers, from 1924 through 1967 when local voters approved the formation of Illinois Valley Community College, and a separate campus was built at its present location.

To Hi-Co Scanner, 1933 - 1935
To L-P-O Echo, 1938 - 1941
To Hi-Co Courier, 1941 - 1942
To Keyhole: A Peek at the News, 1946 - 1952
To Apache Smoke Signal, 1964 - 1966, L-P-O
To Apache Smoke Signal, 1966 - 1967, IVCC
To the Apache, 1967 - 2001
To the IV LEADER, 2002 - current

To Founder of First L-P-O Newspaper in 1933
To Newspaper Advisors at L-P-O and IVCC
To Missing L-P-O / IVCC Newspaper Issues

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THE HI-CO SCANNER, 1933-1935

Click Here For First Issue of the Hi-Co Scanner

In 1933 the Hi-Co Scanner announced itself as the first L-P-O J.C. and L-P H.S. newspaper, started under the leadership of Elizabeth White Parks, one of the founders and first national president of Quill and Scroll. That newspaper, a bi-weekly which derived its name from the high school and community college, established a tradition of excellence. For its first semester issues, the Scanner received a First Class Honor Rating from the National Scholastic Press Association, and in 1935, the Scanner was awarded a second place by the Illinois College Press Association.

The Scanner sold for 5 cents an issue, the price of a hamburger in the school cafeteria. Tuition at L-P-O at that time was $25 a year.

The last issue of the Scanner was published in May 1935.

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THE L-P-O ECHO, 1938-1941

In 1938 the junior college established its own newspaper, the L-P-O Echo, which was published through spring 1941, also under the guidance of Elizabeth White Parks.

In 1938 the Echo staff was campaigning for football to be reinstated at the junior college after an absence of a few years. Howard Fellows, athletic director for whom the L-P High School stadium is named, said a football player could be equipped for $19 for a total team cost of $500.

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THE HI-CO COURIER, 1941-1942

In the 1941-42 school year, the junior college and high school newspapers were combined and named the Hi-Co Courier. Elizabeth White Parks continued as advisor. The Courier lasted only one year, probably a victim of World War II.


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After the end of World War II, the last joint high school-junior college newspaper was published. The Keyhole provided students with "A Peek at the News," according to its subtitle, from 1946 through 1952.

1947 issues document the selection of Apaches as the L-P-O mascot. Later issues celebrate L-P-Os 25th anniversary.

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In the mid-1960s, students at LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College began publishing The Apache Smoke Signal.  Only two of that L-P-O publication are on file:

Vol. 3, No. 2, February 1966
Vol. 3, No. 3, April 1966

Issues were apparently published in 1964-1965 and 1965-1966, based on the volume numbers of the available copies.

If you have copies of any of The Apache Smoke Signal issues published between 1964 and 1966, contact newspaper advisor Dr. Rose Marie Lynch at rosemarie_lynch@ivcc.edu.


The first student newspaper to be published by the newly approved, newly renamed Illinois Valley Community College appeared in November 1966. The Apache Smoke Signal name, which apparently originated at L-P-O in 1964, was retained, but the newspaper was renumbered Volume 1.

The November 1966 issue reported the results of the referendum which established the IVCC district. Later issues reported the purchase of land for a separate campus.

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THE APACHE, 1967 – 2001

In November 1967, the name Apache Smoke Signal was shorted to the Apache in response to student complaints, according to a newspaper article, that "the name of the paper was too reminiscent of a high school publication."

Early issues documented the move to temporary buildings on the current campus location, and throughout the early 1970s, the planning and construction of the campus. In the mid-1970s the newspaper reported the celebration of IVCCs 50th anniversary.

In fall 2001, the newspaper editorial staff decided to change the name of the newspaper, responding to calls from civil rights groups to end the use of Indian names for school and athletic mascots.  The college board also voted to end the use of Apache for the college's mascot.  The college and the newspaper sponsored separate contests inviting students and staff to submit names.  Before the end of the fall 2001 semester, Eagles had been selected as the college mascot, and the editorial staff had selected IV LEADER for the newspaper name.  

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The first issue of the IV LEADER was published on Feb. 7, 2002.




LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College and IVCC newspapers, dating back to 1933, have been under the guidance of six advisors.


Beginning in…


Hi-Co Scanner


Elizabeth White Parks
L-P-O Echo


Elizabeth White Parks
Hi-Co Courier


Elizabeth White Parks


Dorothy Washburn


Dorothe Young
Apache Smoke Signal


Laverne Waltman


Laverne Waltman


William Danley


Rose Marie Lynch
IV Leader


Rose Marie Lynch
IV Leader


Lori Cinotte

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The newspaper staff is searching for issues of The Apache Smoke Signal published at L-P-O from 1964 through 1966.  Only two issues, published in spring 1966, are available.  Based on the volume number of those two issues (Volume 3, issues 2 and 3), the Smoke Signal was being published starting in the fall of 1964. 

The staff is also continuing to search for newspapers which may have been published at L-P-O Junior College in the following years:

1924 – 1933

1935 – 1938

1942 – 1946

1952 – 1964

Anyone aware of any student newspapers being published between those dates should contact newspaper advisor Lori Cinotte at lori_cinotte@ivcc.edu


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