Simon stresses need for college completion

By John Eppard
IV Leader A and E Editor, Oct. 6, 2011

    “What did you think of the transition from high school to college?” Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon asked a group of students at IVCC on Sept. 27.
    Most of the responses were about the same, with students saying that they felt like they weren’t prepared.
    Simon was speaking to a room of around three dozen students and faculty on her 36th stop as part of her 48 community college tour.
    Students explained how they were placed in lower classes than they thought they would be in, and also while taking these classes, they realized that they were having a hard time understanding those classes.
    One of Simon’s goals as state Lieutenant Governor is to increase the college completion rate from 40 percent to 60 percent, and after hearing about the students’ difficulties, Simon said how she would like to see high schools make their senior year more challenging and difficult so students would be more prepared for college.
    As for the students who are still having a difficult time understanding the material, she said she would like to see students working with counselors more often.
    Simon also said community colleges are beneficial to students. Students also agreed as they went on to explain how they can get in contact with their teachers fairly easy to receive help. Teachers also spoke up and agreed how they are helping students.
    The cost of tuition was also brought up during the meeting. When asked about the chance of tuition going down, Simon said that the state is on a budget and it won’t be going down.